Best Cat Kicker Toys in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Did you know that cat kicker toys are essential for maintaining your feline friend’s mental and physical well-being? These toys engage your cat’s natural hunting instincts, providing them with the necessary exercise and mental stimulation.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top cat kicker toys in 2023, each catering to unique preferences and budgets, ensuring you find the perfect one for your furry companion.

Highlighting the Best Cat Kicker Toys

Join us as we explore the world of cat kicker toys and reveal some of the top options available in 2023. Whether you’re looking for a classic favorite, a tech-savvy choice, or even an organic alternative, our list has got you covered. Get ready to keep your feline friend entertained and active with these top-notch kicker toys!

  1. The Organic Choice: Twin Critters Refillable Plush Organic Silvervine Toys
  2. The Classic Favorite: Kitty Kick Stix
  3. For Tech-Savvy Cats: Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish
  4. Celebrity-Endorsed Pick: Petmate Jackson Galaxy Ultimate Bunny Kicker
  5. The Fun All-Rounder: Multipet Katz Kickerz Cat Toy with Catnip

Twin Critters Refillable Plush Organic Silvervine Toys: The Organic Choice


  • Material: Plush
  • Filling: Organic Silvervine powder


  • Organic and eco-friendly choice
  • Refillable design for long-lasting use
  • Promotes oral health and reduces stress in cats


  • Silvervine may not attract all older cats

If an organic, environmentally friendly choice is what you’re after, Twin Critters Refillable Plush Organic Silvervine Toys make an excellent pick. Here’s why:

  • Made with all-natural wild harvested silvervine powder
  • Refillable plush toys provide a sustainable and eco-friendly option for cat owners
  • The organic silvervine content not only excites your cat’s natural prey drive but also helps soothe fearful cats and reduce stress and anxiety.

Twin Critters’ own silvervine refill can recharge their Refillable Plush Organic Silvervine Toys, promising longevity and endless amusement for your cat. However, one should bear in mind that not all cats may be attracted to silvervine, with some showing a preference for catnip. Regardless, these organic toys offer a fantastic alternative for environmentally conscious cat owners.

Kitty Kick Stix: The Classic Favorite


  • Material: Soft fabric
  • Length: 15 inches
  • Filled with catnip inside


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Filled with catnip to attract cats
  • Provides exercise and entertainment for cats
  • Great for bonding with your cat


  • May not be as durable as some other options

Kitty Kick Stix has earned its place as a beloved classic among cat owners, and understandably so! This entertaining catnip-filled kicker toy is designed to be the perfect size for your cat to grab and kick, providing endless fun and exercise. Handmade in the USA, this family-owned business prides itself on creating a quality product that cat lovers everywhere can enjoy.

While the soft fabric and catnip filling make Kitty Kick Stix irresistible to felines, the only downside is that it might not be as durable as some other options.

Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish: For Tech-Savvy Cats


  • Size: 10-11 inches long
  • Material: Velvety fabric cover
  • Battery: Rechargeable via micro USB cable
  • Tail Movement: Two cadences: rapid-fire and rhythmic


  • Realistic fish-like movement
  • Motion-sensitive
  • Comes with catnip for added attraction
  • Easy to charge with micro USB cable


  • May not be suitable for all cats

Should you seek a technologically advanced option for your feline’s entertainment, the Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish is a superb choice.

This interactive cat kicker toy features incredibly realistic fish-like movement and motion-sensitive activation, making it a unique and engaging option. With four exciting designs to choose from, this toy not only looks great but also provides endless fun for your cat.

It comes with a packet of dried silvervine and a USB cable for charging, guaranteeing a constant source of feline amusement. Although this innovative toy has overwhelmingly positive reviews, keep in mind that it may not be suitable for all cats, and the cover may not be durable enough for dogs.

Petmate Jackson Galaxy Ultimate Bunny Kicker: Celebrity-Endorsed Pick


  • Material: Bright green canvas
  • Length: 13.5 inches


  • Designed by renowned cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy
  • Durable canvas material
  • Engages cat’s hunting instincts


  • Price may be higher than other options

Endorsed by a celebrity, the Petmate Jackson Galaxy Ultimate Bunny Kicker is a cat kicker toy designed by renowned cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, who hosts ‘My Cat From Hell’ on Animal Planet. The bright green canvas material is not only visually appealing but also thick and durable, ensuring long-lasting fun for your cat.

Measuring 13.5 inches, the Petmate Jackson Galaxy Ultimate Bunny Kicker is perfect for engaging your cat’s natural hunting instincts and providing them with exercise and entertainment.

While the price may be higher than other options on the list, the celebrity endorsement and durable design make this cat kicker toy a top choice for cat owners seeking expert-approved entertainment.

Multipet Katz Kickerz Cat Toy with Catnip: The Fun All-Rounder


  • Material: Soft plush fabric (ideal for a plush toy)
  • Filling: Catnip, crinkle, and feathers


  • Versatile features for endless fun
  • Attracts and stimulates cats with catnip filling
  • Durable materials for rough play


  • Some smaller cats may not be interested in the crinkle sound

Made with durable materials, the Multipet Katz Kickerz Cat Toy with Catnip withstands rough play and keeps your cat entertained for hours on end. However, the crinkle sound may not appeal to all cats, so it’s important to keep your cat’s preferences in mind before purchasing this toy.

Selecting the Perfect Cat Kicker Toy: A Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the perfect cat kicker toy for your feline friend, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, consider the toy’s durability. Ensure the toy is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, as this will determine its longevity and ability to withstand your cat’s rough play.

Another important factor to consider is the toy’s safety. Ensure that any additional elements, like felt ears and fuzzy tails, are attached firmly. Use either sewing or strong, safe glue for this purpose. Always inspect the toy before giving it to your pet, ensuring there are no loose parts that could pose a choking hazard.

Lastly, consider the catnip or silvervine content of the toy. Many cats are attracted to toys filled with these natural substances, which stimulate their natural hunting instincts and provide hours of entertainment. Opt for toys that use fresh catnip or silvervine, as stale catnip may not be as attractive to your cat.

Keeping these factors in mind will guide you towards the ideal cat kicker toy for your cherished feline companion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are kicker toys good for cats?

Kicker toys are great for cats because they tap into their natural hunting instincts! Not only do they provide physical exercise, but also mental stimulation, making them the perfect toy for keeping cats entertained.

What is a kicker cat toy?

Bring out your cat’s natural instincts with a kicker cat toy. These specially made toys are perfect for bunny kicking and interactive play, providing your cat with the enrichment they need every day!

What size should a cat kicker be?

For the perfect cat kicker toy, look for something around 12 inches long – adult cats will love it! For kittens under a year old, anything more than 6 inches should do the trick.

What is the best kitten kicker?

For an exciting hunting experience, the Petmate Jackson Galaxy Ultimate Bunny Kicker is the best kitten kicker! Its durable canvas-like material and crinkle material create an immersive hunting experience that will keep your cat engaged for hours.

What makes a cat kicker toy durable?

Cat kicker toys are designed with durable materials and careful craftsmanship, ensuring they last through hours of playtime fun.

My Pick for the Best Cat Kicker Toy

After extensive research and testing, I confidently choose Twin Critters Refillable Plush Organic Silvervine Toys as my top pick for the best cat kicker toy. Its durability and interactive design set it apart from the rest.

Not only did my cat thoroughly enjoy playtime with it, but I also appreciated the exercise promotion or stress relief. So, if you’re looking to provide your feline companion with hours of entertainment and exercise, this product is the ultimate choice that won’t disappoint.

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